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Many people who want to relocate to Canada often inquire about the best approach to accomplish it. Canada provides many immigration programs for foreign nationals, particularly workers who desire to reside and work in the country. So, if you wish to work in Canada, even temporarily, you can use any of these options. As a result, if you wish to work in Canada, you must understand how to enter the country as a temporary foreign worker. This also implies that you will require a temporary work permit in order to be allowed to live and work in Canada, which you may simply extend or apply for permanent residence.

With a temporary work permit Canada, you can work in Canada until you attain the status of a permanent resident. To do this, you must apply for the Canadian Temporary Foreign Worker Program. This is one of the immigration pathways that allow foreign workers to migrate to Canada to live and work. In this article, therefore, you will learn more about the TFWP and how to migrate to Canada as a temporary foreign worker.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The TFWP is an immigration program in Canada specifically made for foreign nationals in Canada who want to work in Canada for a short period of time. In other words, if you are neither a Canadian citizen nor a permanent resident of Canada, you must apply for this program to work in Canada. This program helps the Canadian government to solve the problem of the shortage of labour in the country.

A foreign worker under this program must have a valid work permit and visa. In addition, the worker must work under a single employer and must abide by Canadian laws. In case you still want to continue under this program, you must apply for an extension before its expiration or you must leave Canada.

Requirements for Temporary Foreign Worker Program in Canada

There is a lot of requirements for applying to work in Canada under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. This is to make sure that the jobs of Canadian citizens and permanent residents are protected.

So, the Canadian government has put a lot of conditions for foreign citizens who wish to work in Canada. One of such requirements is that an international worker must get a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment.

Labour Market Impact Assessment

A positive LMIA is a document that the Canadian government requires from a Canadian employer before he can employ a foreign worker. This document among other things must certify that the employer has tried to employ a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for the position. However, there was no available Canadian citizen who has qualified for the job.

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It simply means that the employer needs a foreign national for the job because of the lack of required manpower for the job in Canada. An LMIA takes a few months to get, so an employer should start as soon as possible to apply for it.

Other requirements for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

In addition to the Labour Market Impact Assessment, you may need the following requirements to qualify for the TFWP.

  1. Get a valid job offer in Canada from an eligible employer
  2. Demonstrate that you want to live and work in Canada
  3. The ability to finance your stay in Canada
  4. That you have enough money to go back after your job offer has expired in Canada
  5. You must have a clean criminal record
  6. Must not be a security threat to Canada
  7. Have good health conditions
  8. Must prove that you will not work for an employer that offers striptease, erotic dance, erotic massage or escort services.

How to migrate to Canada as a temporary foreign worker

The steps below will help you to migrate to Canada as a temporary foreign worker. They include:

Step 1. Get a valid job offer from an eligible Canadian employer

Before you can apply for a Canadian work visa, you must, first of all, get a valid job offer from a Canadian employer. So, once you decide to work in Canada, you will try to get a job from an employer in Canada. With your valid letter of employment, you can move to the next step.

Step 2. Your employer must get a valid LMIA

This is one of the most important steps for you on how to migrate to Canada as a temporary foreign worker. Without a Labour Market Impact Assessment from the Canadian government, your employer can’t employ you. So, your employer must get an LMIA showing that you are the most qualified candidate for the job among other candidates including Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Step 3. Apply for the work visa and permit

After your employer has got the LMIA, you can now gather all the supporting documents and apply for a temporary work visa. You must apply through the Canadian Consulate in your country. You can apply online through their website or in-person by visiting the Consulate office in your country. Your application must include the following forms:

IMM 1295 – Application for Work Permit Made Outside of Canada;

IMM 5645 – Family Information Form;

Schedule 1 – Application for Temporary Resident Visa;

IMM 5409 – Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union (if applicable);

IMM 5476 – Use of Representative Form (if applicable);

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An IMM 5475 – Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual (if applicable);

Supporting Documents for temporary Visa Application

The supporting documents to apply for a TFWP may include:

  • A passport not more than 6 months after your planned date of entry into Canada
  • A photocopy of your passport and all its pages
  • Two photos as per the Photo Requirements
  • Valid job offer from your employer
  • Proof of current immigration status
  • Police record certificates
  • Your resume or CV
  • Your education diplomas and certificates
  • Copy of your marriage certificate
  • Copy of children’s birth certificates
  • A Certificate d’acceptation du Quebec (CAQ) of you are working in Quebec
  • Any other documents that the Consulate of Canada requires

Step 4. Complete the medical examination

The next on how to migrate to Canada as a temporary foreign worker is to go for a medical examination. This is to prove that you are in good health condition to live and work in Canada.

Moreover, you must also provide medical proof to show that you can adapt to the weather and working conditions in Canada. For your medical examination, you must visit a licensed physician who must issue you a medical report, otherwise, you won’t be admissible into Canada.

Step 5. Attend an interview for a visa application

The next step is to attend a visa interview upon invitation from the Canadian consulate in your country. The interview is very important as it will determine whether you will receive your work visa. You must be able to prove that your personal information and details in your documents are correct.

If you are not able to prove that, you may not be able to obtain your visa. Moreover, you must also show that you are ready to leave Canada once your temporary visa expires.

Step 6. Wait for your visa to be processed

Once you have submitted all supporting documents and attended your visa interview. then, wait for your visa to be processed. Visa processing period is usually about 3 to 6 months, however, there may be delays if you do not submit some documents. Or if you give out incorrect information. So, make sure that your details are correct and complete.

If after everything, the consulate accepts your application, you will receive a reply with further instructions. If on the contrary,  the consulate rejects your application, they will send you a reply why your application has been rejected.

Step 7. Travel to Canada

The next move on how to migrate to Canada as a temporary foreign worker is to travel to Canada. Once you receive a confirmation email that your application has been approved, you can make preparations to move into Canada. Don’t bother about your work permit, you will only get it once you arrive at a Canadian port of entry.

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The immigration officers at the port of entry will interview you, in addition, they may request your documents. Give them all your documents for inspection and answer all the questions they ask you. This is the final hurdle for you and once you pass it, you will get your work permit and visa.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the processing fee for a Canadian temporary foreign work permit?

The processing fee for a Canadian temporary work permit is $150 CAD. If you use a third party, you will also pay a third party fee. Additionally, you may be asked to pay for biometrics fee of $85 CAD if you are asked to give biometrics.

What is the processing time for a Canadian work permit?

The processing time for a Canadian work permit is between 3 to 6 months. It can take longer if there is a delay in the process due to missing documents.

How long does a Canadian temporary foreign work permit last?

Usually, a Canadian temporary foreign work permit lasts for six. However, you can apply for an extension before it expires. You don’t need to leave Canada to reapply, you just need to provide all the necessary documents. The duration will be determined by the Canadian government. the maximum duration, however, is four years after which you must return to your home country.

Can I bring my family to Canada on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program?

Yes, you can bring your family and dependents to Canada using the TFWP. To do this, you will include the documents of your dependents in the application. You can bring your spouse or common-law partner and your minor children.

Final Words

Under a new visa program announced by the Canadian government, Africans will now be able to travel to Canada easily and fast. The new program will allow visa-exempt nationals from Africa to apply for a visa online, and will also provide them with multiple entry visas valid for up to 10 years. This will make it easier for Africans to visit family and friends in Canada, and to do business with Canadian companies.

Once you meet the requirements for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, you can apply for a Canadian temporary foreign worker permit. But have it in mind to provide all the necessary documents. If you do this, then, follow our guide on how to migrate to Canada as a temporary foreign worker and you will surely be granted a visa. Best of luck!!!

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